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Over the years, software application suites have been developed and installed throughtout the world. The systems are robust and available on various platforms. These system are seasoned, active, operational today and maintained frequently.

EZBSS (EZ-BANK) is a suite of programs for the small retail bank or credit union. Account names can now be checked immediatley with the online OFAC interface. The Loan module is available as a standalone program for loan companies. Version 10 is available!! Click for more information

PEDS comprises a suite of integrated programs for the periodical publisher. Circulation, Insertions, Billing, Contracts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Financial Reporting are included. Contact us for more information

EZ-RES rpovide a set of programs for the hospitality provider. It includes a reservation system as well as many of the back office funtions. Contact us for more information


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