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COBOL 60 years and counting!!

COBOL (Common Oriented Business Language) is one of the oldest programming languages in the world today. Surprisingly, many of the large business systems are written in COBOL. These systems range from large scale mainframes to desktop personal computers. Typically, these systems are character based; however, in recent years graphical interfaces have been added as well as the ability to provide access to a large spectrum of file systems. Therefore, COBOL is an effective, stable, easy to understand programming language that provides users with modern friendly graphical user interface (GUI) vertical applications.

We have been developing and supporting COBOL programs since 1964 for over 50 years. Yes, the basic language is still the same; however, there have been many enhancements and features added over the years. Many of our COBOL systems remain operational today. The hardware platform may have change; however, application software has not changed. The operating system platform may have changed - the COBOL object program and file system have transferred with ease.

Most recently, we have been involved with AcuCobol, Micro-Focus Cobol, RM-Cobol, Veryant and NetCOBOL. If you are in need of support, program enhancements, a legacy system re-engineered or just want to talk about the possibilities, please contact

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